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Neuigkeiten rund um Kampfsport und Selbstverteidigung im Fichtelgebirge

STONEWOOD Rangers2 Wochen zuvor
Ladies Night 🙌 Shoutout to all women in BJJ 🥋
Beginners welcome! // Anfängerinnen willkommen!

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STONEWOOD Rangers3 Wochen zuvor
Worst thing that can happen in sports and especially in full-contact sports is getting injured, that's for sure. 😷🚑😨

Martial Arts like BJJ or MMA can be really tough on the body and even if you train right, things can go wrong. Almost all who have trained for years or even decades have their very own stories. Here are some tipps from one of these guys:

A. What can you do to avoid injuries (as good as you can)? 👌

1. Train for your personal goals. If you are a 50 years old Hobbiest it's not a good idea trying to fight like Competitors in their twenties in sparring, obviously.
2. Eat & drink healthy. It's really your body's fuel. Don't put trash in your vehicle if you wanna keep it running long.
3. Listen to your body! Take times off if really (!) needed. Not meaning stressed or tired – meaning signs of serious health problems appearing.

B. What to do if an injury already happened? 🚑

1. Stay focused and involved! There is more than enough video- and audio-material out there to keep your mind busy. If it get's boring, join a class and just watch! >> Only if you stop learning, you start losing.
2. Figure out what exactly went wrong and if / how you could have avoided it.
3. There's surely something left you can do physical – even if that just means walking around with crutches around your appartment.

>> Never give up! Somehow you will be back. Need an extreme plus inspiring example? Watch BJJ athlete Ben Kunzle!

C. How to start after recovery? 💪

1. You surely can't wait to return to the mats, but force yourself to go slow and easy the first classes.
2. Tell your partners what happened and train with experienced fighters, that know what they are doing.
3. Maybe some technique doesn't work anymore at all? Work around!
Example: Bad lower back? Avoid working crazy inverted guards from bottom with Heavyweights in the future.

>> Wish you all the best and remember: Appreciate when you are able to train hard - there will be times when you can't! 🤙
>> Let us know your stories and experiences with injuries in the comments!

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STONEWOOD Rangers1 Monat zuvor
What makes the difference between succeeding and failing in martial arts or sports in general?

We see a lot of young men in their 20ies with no responsibilities, making excuses why they can‘t train regularly - or if they train, why they are powered out after 3 rounds… or finding excuses why they loose. 💁🏻‍♂️

And then there are grown men like our Jens at 40 with a job, house and kids grinding through 90 minutes of nonstop sparring without complaining. 💥

Choose wisely… 🤙
STONEWOOD Rangers2 Monate zuvor
London impressions… 😎
Us fighting and drinking around Chiswick, London in October 2022…https://stonewood-arts.deMusic by: Landon McNamera
STONEWOOD Rangers2 Monate zuvor
Even so only 3 out of 9 of us made it there in the end, we had a great time with our friends from @bjjwestlondon in London 🥋🍷🤼🍻

Tough rolls, great weather and good food, what else can you ask for? We even made it to some sightseeing and a UK Octoberfest Party 🥸👑
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